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Mama Blessing, the ritual to celebrate a woman's transition to motherhood

Mama Blessing, an ancestral ritual imbued with spirituality and kindness, famous a woman’s unique journey to motherhood. Also known as Blessingway or Mother Blessing, this ritual draws its origins...

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article the benefits of skin to skin with baby brussels hapiklan

The benefits of skin-to-skin with baby

Skin-to-skin, this tender and essential practice which consists of placing baby against the bare skin of one's parents, is much more than simple physical proximity. It's an act loaded with benefits for the infant, ...

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Klaus and Kennell studies. Maternal presence at birth. Doula. Childbirth. Hapiklan. Brussels

Discover the Foundations of Early Attachment with Klaus & Kennel

Klaus & Kennell's studies represent a major advance in our understanding of early attachment between parents and their newborns. Their research highlights the vital importance of the first moments after birth in emotional development and...

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