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Céline, Orthopedagogue Passionate about Breastfeeding and Babywearing

A Speech Therapist Dedicated to Supporting Young Parents

Céline is a speech therapist with many years' experience in special education. Since the birth of her three children in 2010, 2012 and 2015, she has developed a passion for breastfeeding and physiological babywearing. Keen to support young parents, she has trained in both fields to offer appropriate, caring support.

Unique expertise in Buccal Restraints and Babywearing

What sets Céline apart in the field of perinatal care is her extensive personal and professional experience. Specializing in oral restraints, she worked for three years at the Respire center in Ghent, in collaboration with Charlotte Van Belle. In addition, she offers a unique baby carrier rental service, enabling parents to try out different systems before investing, or to facilitate babywearing on vacation. Céline also stands out for her availability at home, even riding her bike to make her services accessible to parents of newborns.

Flexible, personalized support services

Céline's services are varied and tailored to parents' needs. A breastfeeding consultation begins with an anamnesis, followed by answers to parents' questions and specific tests if necessary, such as an assessment of the baby's tongue function. As far as babywearing is concerned, Céline offers prenatal or postnatal workshops, where she presents different babywearing systems and helps parents find the one that suits them best. She can also meet specific needs, such as carrying twins or babies with disabilities.

Testimonials illustrating the positive impact of her support

The testimonials from parents accompanied by Céline speak for themselves. She is often described as caring and approachable. Many parents send her photos of babywearing, illustrating how they have integrated this practice into their daily lives thanks to her support. These testimonials highlight the positive impact of her services on families' well-being.

Follow Your Instinct: Sound Advice for Parents

Céline encourages parents to follow their instincts and listen to their needs. She reminds us that every parent has his or her own way of mothering or fathering, and that this is perfectly normal. If something doesn't seem right, it's essential to seek the support you need to feel confident. Céline stresses the importance of doing what feels right for you, without conforming to external expectations.

Breaking down misconceptions about babywearing

A common misconception is that carrying children in a sling or baby carrier will delay their walking. Céline explains that the opposite is true: babywearing is an active act that stimulates muscular and motor development. In fact, babywearing strengthens the baby's muscles and promotes overall development.

Encouraging the use of alternative trades in perinatal care

In an ideal world, the support needed for the transition to parenthood would come from the family and community network. However, the reality is that many parents need the help of perinatal professionals. Holistic and alternative professions, such as those proposed by Céline, complement traditional medical care by offering a gentler, more personalized approach. Hapiklan plays a crucial role in helping parents find the right professionals close to home, and facilitating collaboration between these professionals for optimal family support.

With Hapiklan, parents can easily access the services of passionate professionals like Céline, for a more serene and confident transition to parenthood.

Article written by HAPIKLAN

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