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Estella, the Magician of Children's Health: A Holistic Look at Pediatric Naturopathy

Discover Estella: Committed Pediatric Naturopath

A unique blend of Naturopathy, Psychology, Herbalism, and Aromatherapy. Estella, 33, embodies the new wave of healthcare professionals. A pediatric naturopath, she combines her skills in psychology, herbalism and aromatherapy to offer a holistic approach to children's health. Its objective: to support families towards natural health, in harmony with the physiology of growing little beings. Estella does not make diagnoses, but she offers an arsenal of natural remedies to avoid heavy medications in babies and children.

A Distinct Approach for Children in Full Vitality

Plants, Ancestral Remedies and Overflowing Vitality. Estella stands out for its approach based on plants and ancestral remedies, a tradition that has proven itself for centuries. She tells how children, subject to repeated bronchiolitis, regained boundless vitality thanks to synergies of special essential oils and hydrosol mixtures. For Estella, health is a whole, and she works at the source of imbalances rather than just treating the symptoms.

Supporting Parents Towards Natural Health

Complete History, Personalized Follow-up and Natural Solutions. Estella offers pediatric naturopathy consultations which begin with an in-depth 1.5 hour history. She explores the path from conception to the present to better understand the vitality and needs of each child. With appropriate follow-up, she recommends natural treatments to strengthen immunity, prevent, or support recurring problems. She also offers emergency consultations, follow-ups for pregnant women, postpartum mothers, and parental support.

Wise Advice For Informed Parents

Natural Health, Effective Remedies, and Healing Time. Estella shares some great advice for parents considering her services. She insists that she is not a pediatrician but a professional in pediatric naturopathy. She encourages the use of effective natural remedies, including essential oils, but emphasizes the importance of professional support to avoid any danger. She also explains that natural remedies often take a little longer to take effect, but promote deep healing.

Debunking Fever and Other Myths

Fever, an Ally, Not an Enemy. Estella deconstructs common myths, including the idea that fever must be reduced immediately at all costs. She explains that fever is an ally, because it accelerates the destruction of bacteria and viruses. She advises letting the fever work, unless there is distress or severe pain. In her consultations, she enlightens parents on these concepts so that they make sense in their approach to natural health.

Estella embodies the vision of natural and respectful health, where parents become stakeholders in the health of their children. It offers a gentle, yet powerful, alternative to more conventional drug approaches. A magic of pediatric naturopathy to discover for more informed and enlightened parenting.

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