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Florine: Harmonize the Body, Emotion and Cognition

Discovery of Florine: Psychomotor therapist and Prenatal Yoga Teacher

A unique approach to support children aged 0 to 10 Florine, psychomotor therapist and prenatal yoga teacher, is passionately involved in supporting children, whether privately or institutionally. She specializes in relational disorders and psychomotor development difficulties. Her approach, which she provides individually, with parents, or in groups, aims to meet the specific needs of each child, promoting safety, integration, and sensorimotor pleasure.

Understanding Psychomotricity: Much More than Movements

A paramedical profession that links motor skills, affectivity and cognitive functions Florine clarifies psychomotor skills, going beyond the simple idea of ​​movement. It explores the way in which psychomotor skills encompass and link motor skills, affectivity and cognitive functions, thus forming a trinity at the heart of our body. She emphasizes that psychomotor skills are essential to understanding how these three spheres interact, influencing our emotions, the way we move, and even our thought patterns.

Psychomotricity at the Heart of Relationships and Development

Promote bodily integration for a harmonious relationship Psychomotor skills, according to Florine, are the central element that connects the human body. It explores how movements, emotions and thoughts are closely linked, influencing the way we connect to ourselves, to others, to the environment. By focusing on the integration and harmonization of motor, emotional and cognitive functions, Florine intervenes specifically to strengthen aspects of development that have not been sufficiently supported in childhood.

A Distinct Practice Guided by Passion

Dance, yoga and Florine’s life journey lead to psychomotor skills Florine distinguishes her practice through her passion for dance, yoga, and her personal development journey. Her encounter with these disciplines forged her path towards psychomotor skills, motivated by the mother-baby bond. Her identity as a psychomotor therapist guides her towards prevention and early intervention, particularly from the moment the child is conceived. She also trained in prenatal yoga to support pregnant women and build the bond from the beginning.

Areas of Support and Services Offered

Individual, group sessions and various training courses Florine specializes in several areas of care, ranging from tonic adjustment disorders to autism spectrum disorders. She offers individual sessions to support psychomotor development, group sessions to strengthen relational and emotional skills, as well as prenatal yoga classes. Its training offering includes Bach Flower and Olphactotherapy.

Progress of a Session and Positive Impact

A precise assessment and targeted sessions for optimal development Each session with Florine begins with an in-depth assessment, allowing us to understand the child's psychomotor functioning. The sessions, lasting 45 minutes, involve different techniques to stimulate the senses, express emotions, and construct representations. Florine shares her expertise through concrete examples, illustrating the positive impact of her services on the development and well-being of children.

Advice for Parents and Clarifications on the Profession

Promote psychomotor development and demystify psychomotor skills Florine provides advice to parents, emphasizing the importance of bonds and relationships in the physical and psychological development of children. She encourages parents to begin treatment with a history interview to understand the child's history. Finally, it clarifies a common misconception in Belgium, emphasizing that psychomotor skills is not simply relational, but an approach that closely links emotional, motor and cognitive dimensions

Florine's services