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Laurence, Haptonome: Weaving Precious Links in the Universe of Birth

Discovery of Laurence: Between Nurse and Benevolent Supporter

A 24-year journey caring for premature babies and supporting families Laurence, a nurse passionate about caring for babies, devoted 24 years of her life to the Erasmus neonatology department. But his commitment does not stop there. Working part-time at the hospital, she trained in haptonomy, baby massage, and obtained the title of Doula. Today, she shares her expertise with families, building precious bonds with babies and their parents for 7 years already.

Diving into the Universe of Haptonomy and Doula

Two caps for a deep connection with the baby The haptonome cap allows Laurence to guide couples in emotional contact with the baby from pregnancy. She accompanies them throughout this period, creating a unique preparation for birth. As a Doula, she welcomes the emotions, questions and doubts of families, accompanying them with kindness. The positive feedback from families is an essential source of encouragement for her.

Priority to the Baby's Experience: Emphatic Communication

Awakening of in-utero emotions through touch and voice Laurence sheds light on the baby's psychic life, emphasizing the importance of becoming aware of one's in-utero experience. It favors communication, reassuring babies through haptonomy and voice. Through a touching anecdote, she demonstrates how emotional contact leaves a lasting imprint. The baby has an emotional life and memories from in-utero life, as illustrated by the moving story of Eléana and her dad, Vincent.

A Palette of Support for Families

Affective preparation, psychomotor games, emotional reliving, massages Laurence offers a variety of support to families. From emotional preparation for birth through haptonomy to psychomotor games to secure the baby, it adapts to the specific needs of each family. Emotional birth reliving sessions allow babies to share their story, while sleep talks help parents improve their little one's rest.

A Common Challenge: Being New Parents

Caring advice for facing the challenges of parenthood Laurence shares moving testimonies from parents, highlighting the positive impact of her support. She highlights the challenge of wanting to do the best for the baby, sometimes generating stress and guilt. Her advice revolves around the idea that every day is a new experience and learning. It encourages self-kindness, recognizing that mistakes are part of the path to growth.

Meeting Specific Needs: A Personalized Approach

Orientation of meetings according to specific needs Laurence adapts her support according to the requests of families, whether for sleep problems or the need for emotional reliving. She notes that the couples who contact her are generally well informed and enthusiastic about her approaches, thus reinforcing the relevance of her services in the world of birth.

In summary, Laurence embodies a caring guide, forging valuable bonds with families and providing a warm space for the exploration of emotions, connections and growth, in the delicate world of birth.

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