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Supporting Parenthood: An Interview with Maïté, Broad Spectrum Doula

In the maze of parental experiences, Maïté, a broad-spectrum doula and coach, stands out for her holistic approach, guided by the conviction that it takes a village to raise a child. With three children and fifteen years of experience as a primary school teacher, Maïté shares her journey, her passion, and her commitment to supporting families through the different stages of life.

Since the birth of her first child, Maïté has carried with her this African adage: “It takes a village to raise a child”. A village that failed him when his own children were born and which continues to fail him on a daily basis. This lack, this lacuna, shaped her deep desire to be present for women and families, to listen to them, to inform them, to equip them, to support them, and to celebrate them.

A Broad Spectrum Doula: Supporting All Passages of Life

Far from limiting herself to pregnancy and birth, Maïté, a broad-spectrum doula, deploys her expertise from the first periods of young girls to the support of couples considering welcoming a newborn. Its role also includes support around menstruation, conscious preconception, fulfilled sexuality, and preparation for birth, up to an optimal postnatal.

Her commitment to motherhood and parenthood extends beyond joyous times, encompassing times of exhaustion and loss of meaning. Aware of the change in identity that the birth of a child induces, Maïté considers it crucial to name and recognize the difficulties encountered by parents.

Maïté also becomes the bearer of the space of mourning. She strives to bring a sense of community, support, and warmth to families coping with loss, whether it is miscarriage, perinatal loss, or death. loved one.

Maïté Services: Support at Every Step

Maïté offers a full range of services, ranging from thematic workshops on cycles, pregnancy, and postnatal, to sharing spaces around bereavement, maternity, and menopause. It celebrates families through events such as mamas blessings and family blessings.

The individual meetings, lasting 1.5 to 2 hours postnatally, are structured to allow parents to express their concerns, to progress, to equip themselves, and to obtain information. Maïté considers her role to be that of putting the person at the center of their choices, by promoting alignment through intuition, feeling, and information.

Tips for Parents: The Importance of Surrounding Yourself

For parents considering her services, Maïté offers valuable advice: surrounding yourself is not a sign of weakness. It is an approach that allows you to experience parenthood in an optimal way that respects the needs, values, and situation of each person. She emphasizes that for a child to be fed, it is essential that their parents are fed in turn.

She also demystifies certain misconceptions about her profession, distinguishing the role of the doula from that of the midwife. While the midwife has medical responsibility, the doula focuses on emotional support, providing a relational space at the heart of her care.

Conclusion: Nourishing Intuition for Fulfilling Parenthood

In conclusion, the interview with Maïté highlights the importance of holistic support at every stage of the parenting journey. Its philosophy is based on the creation of a real village for parents, where the doula plays a crucial role. Through its diverse services, Maïté strives to nourish the intuition of families, thus contributing to conscious births and strong family bonds, for fulfilled parenthood.

Contact Maïté

To contact Maïté and explore her services, you can also visit her website or her Instagram page to discover her universe and her vision of the world.

The transition to parenthood can be a lonely experience for many new parents. Maïté emphasizes that becoming a parent, whether for the first, second, or third child, represents a significant upheaval involving physical, organizational, identity, and family changes. Maïté helps and guides you to facilitate this transition,

Article written by Hapiklan

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