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Marie, Dr. in biology, doula and lactation consultant: compassionate and scientific support for new parents

A dedicated professional listening to and supporting parents

Marie is a doula and lactation consultant. She accompanies parents from their desire to have a child to the early years of their child's life, with a mission to provide gentleness, listening, and support during important life stages. Passionate about breastfeeding, she considers this moment as a precious opportunity for bonding between a mother and her child.

A unique approach combining compassion and scientific rigor

In addition to being a doula, Marie Fontaine is a biologist. This dual role allows her to combine the kindness and listening inherent in her doula profession with the rigor and scientific precision. She is committed to providing reliable information to parents, enabling them to make informed and conscious choices, while debunking myths and beliefs propagated by society or their social circle.

Comprehensive and personalized support services

Marie offers comprehensive support services, including welcoming and listening to parents, attending births, postpartum support, as well as a more specific breastfeeding support service. Concerned with meeting the needs of parents, she travels to their homes or works via video, adapting her sessions according to their expectations and spontaneity.

Testimonials that speak volumes

Among the parents accompanied by Marie, some testimonials perfectly illustrate the positive impact of her services. This is the case of a future mother she supported during her pregnancy and the birth of her baby. Thanks to Marie's compassionate support and listening, this woman was able to embrace the unexpected and allow herself to set boundaries, to experience a unique and precious moment with her child.

Wise advice for parents

Marie invites parents considering her services or seeking support to take the time to question her, to build a relationship of trust and to ensure that her support meets their expectations. She also reminds them that her role does not replace medical follow-up by a doctor or midwife, and that she works in collaboration with healthcare professionals to ensure comprehensive and quality care.

A professional transition towards gentleness and listening

Marie underwent a professional transition that led her from her role as a supervisor in the pharmaceutical industry to that of a doula and lactation consultant. This transformation was an opportunity for her to reconnect with her core values and to shape her professional life around gentleness and listening, rather than performance and competition. Today, she uses her experience and skills to support young parents, helping them to experience important family life stages peacefully and consciously.

Marie's services