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Marie, Holistic Doula: Benevolent Support for Fulfilling Parenthood.

Lighting the Path to Peaceful Parenthood. The Expertise of Marie, a Professional Devoted to the Transitions of Women and Couples' Lives.

Marie, 39, is an experienced holistic doula and mother of two. His job ? Supporting women and couples during the different stages of life, from pre-conception to menopause, including pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Thanks to listening spaces and resources, it allows everyone to experience these moments in a conscious and enlightened way, while restoring power and sovereignty to these passages. Marie also offers massages and well-being rituals to help the people she supports reconnect with their bodies.

A Unique, Personalized Approach to Perinatal Care Based on Experience

What sets Marie apart in her approach to perinatal care is her rich and varied professional background. After working for 15 years as a pediatric nurse in neonatal intensive care, she then held the position of medico-social worker at ONE for 1.5 years. With this experience, she dedicated herself for 8 years to being a reference nurse in baby massage and physiological carrying. She then felt the need to become an agent of change. His goal ? Support parents well before the birth of their baby to enable them to experience pregnancy and birth by making conscious and informed choices, and promote the physiology of birth to prevent complications.

Holistic Services for Every Stage of Parenthood

Marie offers a full range of services to support parents at every stage of their parenting journey. From support from pre-conception to postpartum, she offers massages, closing rituals of the Golden Month, ancestral European relief care, home support sessions, physiological carrying sessions. and advice on natural remedies to relieve mom and baby's little aches and pains. Each session is personalized according to the specific needs of parents, providing a space for listening and discussion where they can share their concerns and receive tailored advice.

Testimony of a Helped Couple

Among the many parents accompanied by Marie, certain testimonies perfectly illustrate the positive impact of her services. A concrete example of the positive impact of her services is that of a couple whom she supported pre- and post-natally. After a difficult first birth experience, this couple benefited from continuous support from Marie throughout their pregnancy. Thanks to his advice, they were able to experience a respected physiological birth, which contributed to a much more peaceful postpartum. Marie's regular visits allowed them to relax and feel supported, thanks to tailored treatments, massages and dietary advice.

Offer Personalized Support

For parents interested in her services, Marie offers a free 30-minute call to discuss their needs and how she can help them. This personalized approach allows parents to feel confident and make informed decisions for their well-being and that of their baby.

To conclude, Marie answers a few additional questions to allow parents to get to know her better and understand her approach. She thus addresses the challenges she faces in her profession, the most rewarding moments of her support and the values ​​that guide her daily work. So many elements which testify to his commitment and his passion to support parents in their transition to gentle and serene parenthood.

Article written by Hapiklan.