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Marie, Cerden Certified Nutritionist: Nourishing Life, from Conception to Thriving

Let's explore Marie's Nutritional Universe

Marie, a devoted mother of two, also profiles as a Cerden Certified Nutritionist. His mission ? Supporting women and couples at each key stage, from the desire to become pregnant to the first years of babies' lives. His area of ​​expertise extends from perinatal nutrition to pediatrics, covering a diverse range of dietary needs.

Personal Journey, Passionate Profession

Marie, having gone through health challenges herself, including the horrors of reflux and endometriosis, brings a unique personal dimension to her approach. Drawing on her experiences, she made it her mission to be the person she would have liked to have met when she was navigating alone in the midst of her health challenges. Her belief stems from a shared reality, and her empathy for new mothers and babies is evident in every piece of advice given.

A Holistic and Personalized Approach

As a specialist in perinatal and pediatric nutrition, Marie digs beyond the symptoms to understand the “why” behind every dietary challenge. She goes beyond conventional approaches, refusing to accept “this is normal” without in-depth exploration. Its methodology is based on individualized support, taking into account the specific context of each person, moment of life by moment of life.

Services That Resonate

Marie offers individual and couple consultations, addressing various aspects ranging from preconception to dietary concerns of young parents. However, it is not only the consultations that make her approach tick, but also the themed workshops that she organizes. These collective sessions allow a rich exchange of experiences and practical advice, creating a synergy of support.

Success stories that stand out

Positive feedback is pouring in, illustrating the concrete impact of his advice. Babies who no longer writhe in pain, pregnant women regaining their energy, parents ready to tackle dietary diversification - so many successes that paint a picture of success. Each message received, whether on the disappearance of post-meal pain or the successful management of gestational diabetes, testifies to the effectiveness of its personalized approach.

Kind Advice for Parents

For parents considering her services, Marie encourages, above all, the search for common sense when it comes to eating. She also debunks a common misconception: As a nutritionist, she differentiates herself from dieticians by taking a holistic approach that goes beyond simple calorie calculations. His ultimate advice? Strive for quality rather than quantity, rediscover the pleasure of eating and above all, reestablish common sense in eating.

Marie, through her expertise and passion, lights the way for more conscious, fulfilling and, above all, adapted to each person's food journeys. Because, beyond nutrition, it is an invitation to find harmony with yourself.

Contact Marie

To contact Marie and explore her services, you can also visit her Instagram page to discover her universe and her vision of the world.

His Instagram: @nutrition.nouvelle

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