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Vanessa, Doula: Supporting Motherhood with Gentleness and Kindness

We are pleased to introduce Vanessa, a perinatal professional based in Brussels. Passionate about motherhood transitions, Vanessa shared with us her own experience of motherhood, her motivations for becoming a doula, and how she offers unique support to expectant and new parents.

Supporting Perinatal Care with Vanessa de Vanescence

Motherhood is an exceptional experience that brings its share of transformations, emotions and challenges. To accompany women and their families through this unique journey, Vanessa, a doula based in Brussels, offers her caring presence and unconditional support. Her passion for perinatal care and her human-centered philosophy make her a unique maternity professional.

The journey to becoming a Doula

Before becoming a doula, Vanessa had a career as an architect that lasted nearly 15 years. However, after experiencing the birth of her two children, she felt a profound upheaval on different levels, commonly referred to as "matressence". This personal transformation led her to explore the world of motherhood and childbirth in a new way.

Vanessa began her training as a doula with the Quantik Doula School, a process that she took time to mature. She has also enriched her skill set with complementary tools, including perinatal massage, which combines physical and emotional well-being, as well as perinatal bereavement support.

Vanessa is also a facilitator of sacred spaces, organizing talking circles between women and celebrations to accompany major life passages, including the transition to parenthood.

Awakening to Motherhood

During her first pregnancy, Vanessa became deeply involved in researching information about motherhood. She immersed herself in books and shared her findings with her friends who were also expecting children. This passion never left her. Her second pregnancy, experienced with a home birth plan, was a powerful experience that opened up in her the vocation to support other women in their journey to motherhood.

Vanessa's Approach: Gentleness and Presence

What sets Vanessa apart as a doula is her approach focused on presence and listening. She embodies gentleness and offers a space for expression without judgment for women and couples. Vanessa's support is focused on being rather than doing. As a doula, she embodies an unconditional presence. It opens spaces where women and couples can be heard, seen and recognized in all their emotions, without judgment. She allows her clients to share their emotions, their doubts and their fears, without any reservation. Its role is to provide a place where women and men can express themselves in complete vulnerability, without fear of being judged.

Vanessa does not give unsolicited advice, but she guides, supports and informs. She encourages women and couples to make informed choices, to feel autonomous and confident in their experience of motherhood and parenthood. She invites them to follow their intuition, to have confidence in their abilities and to make choices that suit them.

She offers body treatments, massages, guided meditations, and rituals to promote relaxation and grounding. Her presence allows women and couples to express themselves in complete vulnerability, to put their experiences into words, and to feel fully heard.

Supporting Perinatality through Vanescence

Vanessa named her activity Vanescence, associating her first name with the symbol of the butterfly, representing metamorphosis and transformation. She supports women from their desire to have children, throughout pregnancy, until the birth of their baby. She provides invaluable support during these times of transition, helping women feel supported and heard.

Services Offered to Parents

Vanessa offers at-home meetings, where she offers both talking time and body care. It creates a space for parents to share their emotions, ask questions and express their needs. Vanessa offers body treatments, such as massage, the use of woven slings for rocking, and guided meditations. She creates rituals to help women anchor themselves in their bodies and let go of their minds.

During the postnatal period, Vanessa provides comfort, food, and physical care to help mothers regenerate. She creates a space where they can talk about their birth experience and share their emotions. Vanessa becomes a calming presence in the lives of new mothers, responding to their needs by listening, nurturing the body, and offering gentleness.

A Universe of Softness, Quietness and Celebrations

Vanessa describes herself as a guardian of peace, creating a comfortable and caring space for parents. Vanessa's approach is based on gentleness, well-being, and the celebration of motherhood. She creates a warm environment so that women feel safe and surrounded by love.

She also offers “celebrations” for expectant mothers and couples becoming parents. These events bring together the community of expectant parents to offer support, love, and presence to those preparing to welcome a new family member.

Tips for Parents

Vanessa's main advice to parents is to trust yourself. Each story is unique, and it encourages parents to follow their intuition, to make choices aligned with their values ​​and needs. Vanessa is there to support these choices and bring gentleness, kindness, and presence at each stage of the journey to parenthood.

For those considering Vanessa's services, it is the assurance of a warm, passionate and dedicated companion, ready to share her gentleness and support during this crucial period of life. Doula Vanessa is here to help you get through motherhood with confidence and serenity.

Motherhood is a transformative journey, and Vanessa is here to accompany families with gentleness, kindness and love, helping them through each stage of this unique journey. Trust it to guide you towards a more conscious and fulfilling motherhood.

Article written by HAPIKLAN

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